10 Questions That Every Wedding Photographer Must Be Asked

While planning for a wedding, there are lots of things to consider. Starting from marriage date, venue, cloths, catering, honeymoon and of course professional photographer for wedding demand lots of attention.

The purpose of hiring a marriage photographer and creating an album is to store your special day memories for forever. They convert them into images so that every time you see them can get back to amazing moments and live them fully.

But, it is not easy to hire the best wedding photographer. If you want to choose the best, you need to conduct interviews and ask some question to rate. Weighting the answer will help you find a professional photographer. Let’s know some of the amazing questions and answers to help you more!!!

Basic Questions:

1. Are you available on my wedding day?

Good photographers have more than six months bookings with them. Therefore, you make up your mind to hire a particular photographer, be sure and consult with them at least six months prior. In this way, you can get to know details about photographer available dates, otherwise, start searching for another photographer.

2. What is your experience in Photography? And what style you use?

The experience of the photographer helps you to choose the best. The more the experience, the better it will be for your wedding day. Keep in mind also, apar from experience, the creativity of presenting things matters. Some photographers have not rich experience but a good knowledge about the camera, equipment and most important for taking shorts. You can ask them for their special style of photography and check some samples. You will get an idea for your photography style.

3. Are you familiar with the venue?

Venue for wedding plays a prominant role in clicking pictures. If your photographer is familiar with the venue, he knows what is the best way to present location. If he is not familiar, book an appointment to visit on location with the photographer. This will help you and photographer to explain better.

4. How many cameras will be working on the day?

Wedding day is a special day. Therefore, there is always interesting happening in every corner of the venue. To know more about a number of working cameras will help you make a mind that nothing will be hidden from your eyes. In addition, there can be some uncertain situations can arise like battery duplication, camera damage or some other technical or non-technical problem. Installing more than one camera will give you relief from such situations and to enjoy the wedding day.

5. How much you will charge for additional photography?

Almost every photographer works within budget. But if you plan special photography away from the current location. Ask how much they will charge. In addition, if you want to increase album size, ask their per picture increasing size. This will help you to increase or decrease your budget.

6. How much time do you take to for editing and album conversion?

No one wants to wait for six months to view their video and album. Therefore, it is essential to ask the photographer for their delivery time. Some photographers share a glimpse of the wedding on social media to create curiosity for the full video. Check their way. Today, getting videos in USB and online downloads are the most trending than DVDs. So, know about the right time and way of delivering both video and album.

7.Will the video involves dialogues or just the music?

Some videos shoot like videos where music is played throughout the video. Whereas others involve dialogues that involve your ceremony and the speeches. Ask the way you want in videos. You can too select a list of popular songs to be played in the video.

8. Can I make changes from the first time viewing the film?

It is not necessary that the video will be perfect and up to your requirements. There can be a scope of the change either for music or if you want to delete/add shorts. If the photographer is not rigid, he will provide you opportunity to change or customise the video according to your requirement. This will also help you to judge photographer nature and ensure comfort zone with them.

9. How much amount required as deposit money?

Each photographer has own style of receiving payment. Like some accept 30% cash at the time of booking, 50% on the wedding day and rest while delivering video. Check your photographer payment method and match with your budget.

10. Do you provide other services too?

Some photographers not only provides photography services but other services too. Like, help you to decide the venue, decoration, costumes for special day etc. If you are confused over such issues you can hire a bath wedding photographer who is specifically known for providing valuable information.

Published by Michael Gane

Michael Gane is a professional wedding photographer with the great experience of 25 years. He has worked with leading brands such as Disney, HELLO Magazine, Sky Sports, and Sky.

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