Beautiful Destination For Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot in UK

Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot in London means you get lots of opportunities to present couple in different styles at every location. There are numbers of iconic buildings, streets, historic parks and unbelievable shoot locations that offers you to explore more. Pre-wedding photoshoot UK at amazing places always let you calm and relaxed even after a hectic shoot. You don’t need to limit your imaginations but can arrange photoshoot at fantastic locations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Tower Bridge and the Shard

If you want real London to feel in your images, choosing Tower Bridge is a great spot with sweeping backdrops. This bridge itself is well known for photogenic background in the capital. You can also enjoy contrasting glass with an amazing view. You can also visit lots of complementary locations where you can reach in a short time.

  1. Streets and Alleyways

If you are not sure where to shoot your pre-wedding photoshoot, there is nothing better than going for a street photoshoot. Here you get a variety of options to enjoy and create beautiful memories like making fun of car, enjoying with people in pubs, gardens, eclectic architecture and most important river theme.

  1. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

London’s Big Ben or called clock tower that holds the famous ‘bell’ and the Houses of Parliament are ultimate destinations to enjoy and take photos. Taking pictures there will give you a fantastic look, even you get opportunities to engage in plenty of additional nearby iconic spots. You can come close with each other across the river to collect beautiful memories. You can also choose neo-gothic style at this pre-wedding photoshoot destination to look fantastic on camera.

  1. The South Bank

South Bank lies on along the river from Big Ben. This is the city’s original cultural district. Here you feel completely different than shooting on the north bank. This is also called effortless places for a pre-wedding photographer, as every this originally very beautiful that there is no need to make an artificial set-up. If you want to show more hustle and bustle in pictures there are plenty of atmospheric streets and square views.

  1. Covent Garden

This is one of the most popular spots for photography in the West End called Covent Garden. This location is a favourite with locals, tourists and the soon-to-be-married people. The best part of choosing this location is that the theme changes throughout the year. This means you can enjoy stylish boutiques, pubs and cafes and other eateries at one stop. This is a fabulous destination for refuelling too when you get tired of shooting.

  1. The Barbican

This is one of London’s first artistic destinations, the Museum of London, home to the Barbican Arts Centre and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Here you can make more private shoot, especially if you are not interested to show crowd in any of your pictures.

  1. The Royal Parks

St James Park, Kensington Gardens, Regents Park, Hyde Park, and Green Park are some of the most famous picturesque parks in London. This place helps you to relax and enjoy plenty of photoshoots that you want to see in the pre-wedding album. Making fun in open spaces and busy bandstands provide you with lots of scopes to explore.

Hope you love the beautiful pre-wedding destinations shared in the UK. if you want more exposure you can ask pre-wedding photographers that have ultimate knowledge about wedding venues. If you are staying in South West England, do not worry there are also many wedding venues somerset locations. Just take assistance from a professional wedding photographer in Bath and give an ultimate look to your wedding images.

Published by Michael Gane

Michael Gane is a professional wedding photographer with the great experience of 25 years. He has worked with leading brands such as Disney, HELLO Magazine, Sky Sports, and Sky.

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